Anti Ageing

Kiwi fruits might work better than anti-ageing creams for skin rejuvenation

Kiwi fruit often delights a diner in a bowl of fruit salad, but its goodness in a face mask is apparently more than invigorating. Research shows that kiwi fruit is high in Vitamin C and E, which aids in collagen stimulation and skin moisturizing. Those suffering from problem skin or wrinkles might consider consuming kiwi fruit on a regular …

Want to get rid of Acne? Eat foods that have low glycemic index

Want to get rid of Acne? Eat foods that have low glycemic index

Acne is the word every teen hates but faces this nightmare at one point or the other during her growing years. There are as many numbers of creams and lotions available as the number of teens with acne! New research suggests that a diet with foods containing low glycemic loads could help people suffering from acne to get …

Skin Care

Men’s skin care tip to get a silky smooth appearance

We all know how little time men have for skin care. Therefore, to fit into that tight schedule, skincare for men should be quick and effective. You should use simple high quality and all natural products to benefit your face and skin. There are some men’s skin care tips and routine that you should follow …